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  • Coordinate and implement a comprehensive K-12 music program which provides a variety of musical experiences for students in all schools


  • Provide staff development activities for teachers


  • Provide curriculum guides, pacing guides, and resources for teachers


  • Monitor and manage a balanced, comprehensive and sequential music program K-12


  • Implement “Dimensions of Learning” terminology and processes, Maryland Learning Outcomes, with connections to teacher inservice and instruction


  • Facilitate access for all students to participate in appropriate programs


  • Communicate and implement strategies for meeting the needs of special and “at risk” students


  • Provide high level musical experiences through activities such as festivals, all-county concerts, showcases, state-wide competitions, and music camps

  • Maintain musical alliances with state and community

  • Emphasize cooperation and articulation among feeder schools

  • Increase staff awareness and use of multicultural music

  • Increase the use of effective technology for efficiency and quality of instruction


  • Facilitate and advocate budgeting for appropriate equipment, books, supplies, repairs, and staff


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Music Division

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